Please understand that we cannot always be reached by phone, email or via social media channels, especially during busy seasons and during weekends. Therefore, we have listed all important questions and answers on our website.

1. What age is the play area suitable for, and is there any supervision?

2. Are there toys, pens and sheets of paper available for the kids to use free of charge?

3. Is there a time limit for children to use the play area?

4. Do you need special socks for the play area?

5. Is there a nursing corner?

6. Is there a dedicated quiet area for work or patrons without children?

7. How do you sanitize the play area and toys?

8. Can I bring food/drinks for my children? Could I warm up meals and use your dishes for the food I brought?

9. Is there parking?

10. Are you pet friendly?

11. Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

12. Are there changing tables in toilets?

13. Is there an outdoor space available?

14. What type of events do you organize?