We have created our playroom as an open space concept as we believe that half of the fun is in exploring different areas without limitation. With access to different areas, materials, toys and books we wanted to create a fertile environment for children’s creativity to take root, grow and flourish.

Mimas Maison | Playroom

The creator’s corner – This area has children’s tables and chairs where they can independently draw, read, play and create. We offer readily available material for the kids such as paper, drawing utensils, stickers and worksheets We also have a curated library for kids of all ages as well as board games available on demand. You can engage with your kids or relax at the cafe while they finish up their homework or play games with their friends. This area will be used for our workshops as well.

Imagine and play – Let your child explore different roles using our wooden role-play toys and pretend to be little chefs or doctors. We rotate our toys to make your each visit a new experience.

Mimas Maison | Playroom

Beneath the Mima’s tree – Area reserved for the youngest! A space to safely crawl around and explore, with baby toys available on demand. The parents can comfortably oversee their children while having their drinks delivered to the spot. Who said life with a baby can’t be a pic-nic?

Imagination hill – Area where the children can construct their castles and rockets out of giant foam blocks. When they are done – they can slide down to the ball pit (or maybe it is a volcano?) or explore our Montessori style tree house. Get ready for amazing stories to unfold right in front of you!

per child
per started hour

* Adults and babies up to 6 months pay no entry fee.
You pay the entrance fee for children aged 6 months and over on site.